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Grant Cardone: Make Millions On The Phone

One of the Best Grant Cardone Programs I have actually taken, including Cardone University, is certainly How To Make Millions on the Phone. I listed to the webinar in addition to downloaded the PDF. I found both to be awesome and really details, Grant Cardone has a monster of a personality, so anything with his voice, be it a webinar or ebook, is always amazing and full of energy and adlib.

Grant is having an incredible sale right now, which is literally the best opportunity I have seen for anyone who interested in improving their sales skills with Grant Cardone’s training. Normally the How to Make Millions on the Phone seminar is at least $197, on average about $497. There’s a new product Grant just released, where he actually handpicked 9 of these live events and packaged them into an exclusive bundle for this premium collection. These 9 live events contain over 30 hours of live seminar material where you’ll hear Grant speak directly to you on the exact steps you need to take to dominate your market and blow up your business to levels you’ve only dreamed about. It blew my mind when I saw Grant for the time being has all 9 of these seminars in one package for only $297. About the same cost or a little less than I paid for How to Make Millions on the Phone, which literally doubled my income with one perspective shift. This sale is on today and will deliver lessons that will increase your income through much better phone sales. This isn’t your average info that’s circling around the internet, Grant Cardone always over delivers and Make Millions on the Phone is no exception! Check out all the bonuses Grant Cardone packed into this Seminar Package!

How To Make Millions On The Phone Pdf

Here are five proven steps from Grant Cardone on how to handle the phone calls correctly and assist you increase your company immediately. My favorite and the greatest “game changer” for me was # 5!

1. Time is the Sale Killer
Spending quality time with chatter and little talk will kill your possibilities of closing with a prospect. The old school mindset doesn’t work– you must get in and go out.
You may only have 2 minutes to get a visit, find an influencer or a choice maker, and learn their requirements. Use your time effectively.

2. Your Words Matter
The quickest method to blow a sale is by stating the incorrect things– one wrong word is all it takes. You can no longer say things like, “I hope I’m not troubling you …” etc
. Be positive, be courteous, and do not waste time. The words you utilize will just do one of two things– Bring you closer to a sale or bring you further from one.

3. Voice, Inflection, and Tone
How you state it is even more important than what you state. There are ways to say things to anyone so that they always remember you or your pitch– they are called hooks and tone control. No matter what you provide for a living at some time in your profession you will rely on a phone to either introduce yourself or get a consultation.
The phone is the single essential tool– besides your commitment and attitude about success– to develop your brand, your business, and your incomes.

4. Production prior to Perfection
My entire career I have actually seen sales people get disabled by attempting to attain perfection. The most essential thing is not to be ideal, the most important thing is to make the call. The muscle of making calls is most challenging part of becoming a master of the phones.
In my office we purposefully offer new salesmen really little direction and press them for call volume before anything. I always felt that the skill component of the call is easier to train than the muscle of really calling calls.

5. Do the Mathematics
In order to press yourself towards more calls and better conversions, you must do the mathematics. Invest the time to break down just how much you make in a month and divide it by the variety of dials that you make. It constantly assisted me to understand just how much each call I was making implied to me, in this manner, every call was a win no matter the real result.
I will be going in depth on these points therefore much more– truly taking on whatever that involves selling over the phone, inbound calls, prospecting and follow-up. I guarantee that this will be the best financial investment you make in yourself this year.

What’s Included in the Premium Grant Cardone Seminar Package?

Includes All 9 Live Trainings + Seminar Collection eBook

How To Make Millions On The Phone Pdf

What’s consisted of in Grant Cardone’s How to Make Millions on the Phone?

Throughout the Webcast OR in the PDF you will discover:

How to Get Past the Gatekeeper
How to Use the Phone to Make Millions of Dollars
How to Separate Yourself from the Competition
How to Qualify the Buyer Over the Phone
How to Handle Price on the Phone
How to Create Urgency
How to Increase Your Show Rate 500 Percent
How to Use Price to Fill Your Pipeline
How to Close on the Phone
What to Never Say on the Phone
How to Increase Your Close Rater Over 200 Percent
How to Follow-Up the Unclosed Buyer

Look, it’s fantastic how small modifications in a few phrases on a call will keep a consumer from shopping the competition. Or how asking for a visit with just a small modification in inflection will improve your show rate on visits by 500%! It resembled magic when altering my opening alters the purchaser’s instant impression and how a little seriousness could move a purchaser from seeing me next week to wanting to see me today.

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