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ClickMagick is a link tracking software application with an unlimited variety of amazing features prepared to begin working for your company. In digital marketing it concerns track our efforts, constantly improving on what works, while disposing of some of our less vetted strategies. Having a rock-solid software such as ClickMagick in your corner is absolutely crucial to your success. Let’s go over its general purpose too a few of the features that really separate ClickMagick from other tracking software. clickmagick bonus

What is ClickMagick?

clickmagick bonus

At its heart, ClickMagick is a click tracking software that permits users to monitor the source and quality of traffic throughout their entire digital marketing landscape. It’s a powerful tool for tracking conversions and opt-ins from paid traffic to attribute expense per subscriber and ROI. Really, ClickMagick can even track organic traffic from any website. ClickMagick allows one to develop customizeds links which redirect traffic to a URL of their choice while tracking and examining the clicks that go through. ClickMagick allows the user to accomplish this through their option of a custom domain offered free from ClickMagick or a current domain the user currently owns. Although traffic tracking, analysis and optimization are the heart of ClickMagick, there are a plentiful number of powerful tools within ClickMagick waiting to be used.

Automatic Bot Filtering, Click Scams, and Traffic Analysis

One terrific feature of ClickMagick is its instinctive nature when it pertains to the traffic streaming through each tracking link. It’s exciting to see a high volume of traffic streaming to one’s offer, opt-in page etc. nevertheless similarly is as important is the quality of the traffic one gets. ClickMagick breaks traffic down into three tiers of quality as a broad summary of the general health of the clicks a tracking link is receiving. In addition, ClickMagick will immediately filter out any bot clicks or suspicious IPs. There is likewise details on IP addresses and running systems so a user might much better comprehend their traffic.

Advanced Geotargeting

Optimize all kinds of traffic with sophisticated geotargeting. Send traffic from certain nations to specific pages and show mobile traffic alternate pages to desktop traffic. These features enable the user to maximize conversions from traffic and guarantee the greatest profits.

Magickpop Popups

ClickMagick consists of 5 various kinds of appear – “on load” or postponed, exit pops, and exit reroutes – that you can contribute to ANY website. That’s right, any sight.
To take advantage of the power of Magickpops, you don’t even require to own the website. You require no special connections to site or it’s owners, and you really don’t even need authorization! You can still collect leads, promote related deals, offer bonus offers, share video reviews, consist of a countdown timer … all to encourage your traffic to opt-in to your list and buy the stuff you’re promoting.


clickmagick bonus

Nothing grabs initial attention much better than a notification bar.
ClickMagick’s MagickBar innovation enables you to add a notification bar to ANY site, that you can fully control and customize – including opt-in types, countdown timers, and more.
It’s almost like getting an extra pageview with every click – free of charge. Much like Magickpops, you do not require permission or any special connections to benefit from the power of this feature on any site.

As you can see, ClickMagick’s tracking abilities are limitless with the added power of so many other conversion boosting functions. To truly succeed and especially scale, data is crucial to keep an eye on in order to recognize the opportunities to improve or more focus one’s efforts. There’s an unlimited list of chances to add value to your business with ClickMagick. ClickMagick often provides a complimentary trial. This is the best method to get a hands on feel for the power of the software application.


ClickMagick has numerous different plans with various levels of functions consisted of in each. Generally speaking, ClickMagick is thought about to be provided at a really low cost point considering its powerful features. ClickMagick’s strategies and feature offerings do sometimes change, so it’s finest to examine here what strategies and promotions are currently being offered.

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