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Obtaining your credit report in Canada used to be fairly pricey, costing $20 or so each time you needed to take a peek at it. In June of 2016, Borrowell, a leading Canadian fintech company changed all of that when they partnered with Equifax to offer Canadians free access to their credit rating for the really first time ever! More just recently in 2018, they likewise began supplying free credit reports to Canadians. borrowell bbb

In addition to providing a complimentary credit report and report, Borrowell are a digital lending platform for unsecured loans of approximately $35,000.

Get Your Free Credit Rating from Borrowell!

borrowell bbb


Borrowell is a Canadian digital (online) lender that offers low-interest individual loans to individuals who are in the market for a general loan or those who require a loan for financial obligation consolidation functions.

The company has stayed in business considering that 2014. In addition to a management team of well-versed and experienced people, Borrowell also has the backing and partnership of several popular brand names including CIBC, BMO, EQ Bank, Scotiabank, National Bank of Canada, Capital One, Wealthsimple, and MBNA.

Because presenting their totally free credit score service, over 500,000 Canadians have actually obtained their free credit rating through Borrowell.


While Borrowell is primarily understood for their one-stop personal loans, that’s not all they use. Their product offerings include:


In 2016, Borrowell ( led the way to become the first business to provide Canadians access to their credit score totally free of charge. More recently, they have likewise started to provide totally free credit reports, making it simpler for you to access your credit report and score through the exact same portal.

The totally free credit report supplied by Borrowell is the Equifax Threat Rating 2.0 and varies from 300 to 900. The free credit report you see is likewise your complete Equifax credit report. Because they began to provide this free service, over 500,000 Canadians have actually used Borrowell to access their credit report.

Credit Monitoring:

Since Borrowell update your credit score and report on a regular monthly basis, you can quickly monitor your credit profile for any mistakes or deceptive activity, saving cash you would otherwise have to pay for this service when offered by a credit bureau such as TransUnion.


It is pretty simple and ought to take you less than 3 minutes:

Open an account with Borrowell here and complete the online type (name, email, address, date of birth, and so on).

Verify your identity by addressing a couple of questions. You will not require to enter your SIN or charge card number.
Get your totally free credit rating!
Some of the often asked concerns individuals have about their credit report and Borrowell consist of:.

Will checking my credit rating impact it?

No, examining your credit score does not impact it one way or the other. When you take a look at your score, it is considered a “soft query” and does not impact your score or appear on your credit report.

The length of time does it require to obtain my rating? You will develop your account and have your credit report in 2 minutes … actually!

Is Borrowell safe?

Borrowell is simply as protected as your standard bank since they use similar innovation to secure your personal details.

What does my credit rating number suggest? Your score is ranked between 300 and 900 which represent a creditworthiness that ranges from poor to exceptional. A ‘excellent’ to ‘exceptional’ credit report suggests that you can receive loans and other credit at competitive rate of interest.

What information is on my credit report? Your credit report shows your credit report and how you have managed your individual finances gradually. Details present includes credit queries, credit accounts, collections, consumer declarations, and more.

borrowell bbb

Is the Borrowell credit report accurate?

The credit rating you get when you join them is based on Equifax’s proprietary design (Equifax is among 2 major credit bureaus in Canada). Other third parties may calculate your credit history differently.

Is Borrowell going to spam and bother me?

Not in my experience. They send me one e-mail monthly to examine my updated credit rating and report. You might likewise get occasional e-mails with customized loan and credit card offers, but are not obliged to take them up on their offers. In nearly 2 years of registering with Borrowell, I have never ever gotten a phone conversation from them.

How does Borrowell earn money?

If you get a loan or charge card through Borrowell, they are paid a “referral cost” or “origination” cost. If all you utilize them for is to get a complimentary credit history, no costs are applicable.

What is Borrowell’s contact number and address?

Their consumer assistance e-mail is and their physical area is 134 Peter Street, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H2. You can reach their client service in between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday to Friday.

Can I obtain my credit report in Quebec?

Yes, Borrowell offer their free credit score and report tracking service in Quebec as well.

Borrowell Credit Report.

Borrowell use a “low-interest” individual loan to Canadians who want quick access to an unsecured loan, or who need to source loans from alternative lending institutions for financial obligation consolidation purposes.

Rate of interest on Borrowell loans are based on your creditworthiness (credit history and history). You can obtain up to $35,000, with repaired rates from 5.6% to 29.19%. Loan terms are either 3 or 5 years, however, you can pay off your loan balance at anytime without sustaining pre-payment fees. Loans are likewise authorized rapidly without losing your time!

In basic, they offer loans to people who:.

Are Canadian residents or homeowners.
Have a credit history above 660.
Are not bankrupt, in collections, or have actually filed for a customer proposition.
Have a credit history of at least 1 year.
Have a checking account in Canada.
Obtaining a personal loan through Borrowell is simple and fast.

Open an account here (skip this step if you currently have an account to inspect your credit history).
Ask for a quote: you can do this from your account dashboard and it takes less than 2 minutes. The totally free loan rate quote does not affect your credit report.
Validate your identity (evidence of income and savings account).
Have cash transferred in your account in about 2 days, if eligible.


It depends upon your options. Borrowell state that their average interest rate is 11-12%. Lots of customers who approach alternative loan providers like Borrowell do so since they have other high-interest debt (credit cards) and are unable to acquire “unsecured” loans from a bank.

Compared to rates as high as 29.99% on some charge card, a lower rate obtained through Borrowell can be used to settle credit card debt and combine other high-interest debt (e.g. payday advance loan), without needing to put up any collateral.

According to their website, the common customer saves $4,812 compared to using a credit card.

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You will pay Borrowell an origination cost of 1-5% of your loan quantity. This amount is included in the interest rate (APR) priced quote for your loan.

Also, if your payments bounce, a $25 NSF cost uses.


Borrowell likewise use a website to compare various type of credit cards including:.

Cash-Back Cards.
Travel Cards.
Low-Interest Cards.
Benefits Cards.
Balance Transfer Cards.

On their contrast site, you can compare credit card annual costs, interest rates, card functions, and so on

. In addition to these 3 product offerings, they also have a robust blog/resources section and a “Free 7-Week Email Course” on how to enhance your credit history.


As per their site, they “use the exact same level of encryption as the huge banks to ensure your info stays safe.” The individual information they collect when you sign up is used to provide you with other personalized monetary product recommendations, such as credit cards, home loans, etc. Your authorization is always needed to share any of your info with other companies.


While Borrowell is a leader in the online lending area, they are not alone. Their competitors include Mogo and Grow. The free credit report and report used by Borrowell can save you hundreds of dollars annually in credit tracking costs. Knowing where your credit profile stands is not just helpful for your total monetary health, but it can also save you from succumbing to deceitful activities, consisting of identity theft.

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